School Counseling

"The UC School Counseling Department works as a team with students, parents, faculty and support systems to assist students in becoming all God calls them to be."
- Jennifer Dixon, Director of School Counseling

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UC School Counseling

Welcome to the Union Catholic School Counseling Department information area! Please click on the links to the left to access important information. We are here to help you! Please feel free to contact your School Counselor with your personal or academic concerns:

Jennifer Dixon

Director of School Counseling
Student Assistance Counselor
Counselor of:
Gr.12 Transfer students who began in 2014

(908) 889-1600 ext. 332

Cas Jakubik

Grade 9 Last names F-K
Grade 10 Last names H-N
Grade 11 Last names H-M
Grade 12 Last names G-M

(908) 889-1600 ext. 316

Joanne Jakubik

Grade 9 Last names L-Q
Grade 10 Last names O-V
Grade 11 Last names R-Z
Grade 12 Last names N-S and Z

(908) 889-1600 ext. 356

Kelly Kahney

School Counseling Secretary

(908) 889-1600 ext.324

Meg Nuwer

Student Support Services Director

(908) 889-1600 ext. 318

Patricia Nuwer

Faculty / Tutoring Coordinator

(908) 889-1600 ext. 338

Ashley Whittemore

Grade 9 Foundations
Grade 10 Foundations + Last names G
Grade 11 Foundations + Last names A
Grade 12 Foundations + Last names B
Softball Coach

(908) 889-1600 ext. 367

Michael Conte

Grade 9 Last names R-Z + Intl. Students
Grade 10 Last names W-Z + Intl. Students
Grade 11 Last names D-E and G + Intl. Students
Grade 12 Intl. Students

(908) 889-1600 ext. 335

Sr. Donna Jo Repetti

School Counselor
Gr. 9 Last names A-E
Gr. 10 Last names A-F
Gr. 11 Last names B-C, F, N-Q
Gr. 12 Last names A, C-F, T-Y

(908) 889-1600 ext. 382